About Bob

I have been a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and visual information specialist in my long career working in traditional and then digital media –  illustrating magazine covers, newspaper articles, posters, and, for the last 15 years, creating informational graphics including mapmaking and composite sketches to aid in criminal investigations. But a major event in my and my family's life in 2007 caused me to pick up the brushes, oils, and canvases and to spend most spare moments painting. It does not matter too much to me what I paint: it started out with painting the water lilies and lotuses in my backyard pond. That led to painting pets for friends, family, and acquaintances. Then a beautiful daughter was born to my daughter and that led to painting portraits. 

The processes of conceptualization and  composition came from years of working in the graphic arts field but the process of putting paint onto a blank canvas (sorry, I actually use a type of board instead) was born of a loss that I cannot discuss here--both of deep agony and of great love. I like to think that my paintings capture something of life whether in the wise face and eyes of an elder neighbor, a playful insight into my friend's psyche, the indescribable love of a mother for her new-born child, a duck on a pond, or the weeping final stand of the lotus flower's petals.

I would be happy to hear your comments--whether you agree or disagree. A letter to the editor of a magazine whose cover I illustrated said that the cover was the worst piece of art he had ever seen. I loved that comment--and so did the editors--with whom I had a happy relationship that lasted many years after that letter.

Peace be unto you my brothers and sisters.

About prices

It really depends on the project. Most of what I show on my site is not for sale--either already in the hands of others or that I have a hard time parting with for emotional reasons. 

I usually paint from photos that I take myself--never from stock or when permission has not been expressly granted for our use by the photograph's owner. I may be able to work from your photos if the quality is good enough (a low-res image is usually not).

I work almost exclusively in oils but do some pastels--which are typically a lower cost.

Call me to discuss what you have in mind.